Your Complete Guide to Finding the Best Bedroom Heater

In extreme cold climates, living without a proper heating system is like living in the Antarctic without any clothes. Obviously your home is where you relax and let out all the stress of the day with your family and friends. Therefore it is essential to install a bedroom heater that can make your house cozy and a place where you feel home.

Types of heating systems for your bedroom

In the 21st century, one can find a number of heating systems that may be suitable for one or the other. However, there is an essential step before deciding which brand of heater you are going to buy. A heater should be one that does not simply adds up to those already daunting utility bills consuming up your financial resources horrendously.

So in this case, a best bedroom heater is the one that gives you a balance between utility bills and the comfort that you get with the warmth and coziness of your home. As you will read below, there are various types of heaters for bedrooms that you can consider for your house depending upon your affordability and the climate in which you live.

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Electric Bedroom Heater

Electric bedroom heaters are perhaps very widely used heating systems in houses that are small. Electric heaters can be the best portable heater for bedrooms and therefore the best small heater for a bedrooms. They are mostly cost-effective if you do not want to heat up large spaces and want the convenience of carrying your heater anywhere you like around the house. They also come in as cheaper options as compared to other types of heating systems.

Types of Electric heaters

As mentioned earlier, electric heaters are portable and hence the best option for people who love the convenience of carrying their heaters to their preferred place. Some of the different types of electric heaters are discussed below.

  1. Fan Heaters

Fan heaters are a great choice if you want to heat preferably larger areas of your house. Fan heaters, as suggested by the name, have a fan installed through which they distribute hot air. Their cost range from $30 to $700.

One of the advantages of having a fan heater is that it distributes heat evenly all across the room and do so quite quickly. However, they can be a bit noisy due to the fan if turned to full power.

  1. Radiant heaters

Radiant heaters are a kind of traditional heaters that use an element which is heated up and the heat then radiated. They can often cause fire hazards but are very cheap of an option.

Gas Heaters

Gas heaters can be the best space heater for bedroom as they are capable of heating up larger areas as compared to normal electric heaters. However, their installation costs can a bit higher. Before we can delve into the details, it is worth mentioning some considerations that you need to make while planning to get a gas heater for your house.

Flued or Unflued

First of all you need to know the difference between flued gas heaters and unflued gas heaters. Flued gas heaters are nothing but heaters that come with a pipe that is used to outcast various gases that might not be very healthy for you to breathe in. In contrast, an unflued gas heater does not have such a pipe and hence various fumes spread across your room as it gets heated up.

Room Size

One of the major considerations for a gas heater is that how quickly it can heat a particular space. This will, in turn, depend upon the size of your entire room and the severity of the climate. Usually, unflued gas heaters are not recommended for small rooms as they will be filled up with various types of fumes that may prove to be harmful.

Unflued vs Flued

There are various disadvantages and advantages between an unflued and a flued gas heater. An unflued gas heater is beneficial if you want to heat up very large spaces as their heating process is quite quick. Moreover, they are portable as well along with being very energy efficient.

On the other hand, unflued gas heaters have the main disadvantage that they do not prevent other fumes produced from the combustion of gas from coming into your room. This is not the case with flued gas heaters since in flued gas heaters, the pipe gets rid of the unnecessary fumes by blowing them outside. Hence, a flued gas heater is recommended for small heating spaces and for people who are asthma patients.

Oil-Filled Heater

Oil-filled heaters can also be your best bet. These heaters are suitable for larger spaces and are very safe. Also, they do not make much noise and so they can give the quiescent of a cozy warm night. They work by heating diathermic oil which spreads the heat evenly around the room. Moreover, they take very less space and hence they can be considered for people with small bedrooms as well.

As with other heaters, they can be expensive depending upon the features, however, oil-filled heaters are very energy-efficient and hence they can be cost-savers in the long-term.

How to choose a Bedroom Heater?

So far, we have been discussing on the types of heaters that are available. However, as much as it is important to know this, it is also important to know as to on which criteria do you choose your heater.

Well, the answer is pretty simple. Never go for a heater that is large or has got some extravagant features. Consider your bedroom size first. For larger bedrooms, gas heaters or oil-filled heaters can be a good choice. On the other hand, for small to medium sized bedrooms, it will probably be efficient to have a portable fan heater.

Secondly, you should also consider the amount of usage. You cannot buy a small portable electric heater if you think that you need to keep the heater on for long hours. In such a case, gas heaters can be efficient and cost-effective or an oil-heater can also suffice.