EcoSmart ECO 24 Review


Ecosmart ECO 24 is the largest tankless water heater that runs on self-modulating technology. It offers an exceptionally refined and relaxing heating experience and high return on investment since you not just recover unit’s price within two months but also save a lot more on your electricity bill. It is a durable, reliable and highly advanced water heater. EcoSmart’s patent self-modulating technology lets it automatically adjusts the energy consumption according to the required temperature. This feature makes this unit highly economical and efficient. On the whole, it is 99.8% energy efficient, which is a feature found only in few electric tankless heaters in the market. It has an automatic resetting thermostat instead of manual one and the unit heats up to 3GPM of water, which proves its efficiency.

The Pros & Cons of the EcoSmart ECO 24


  • Saves up to 60% on your regular heating expenses
  • 99.8% energy efficiency due to its heat exchangers
  • All elements are serviceable, durable and replaceable
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    Unit comes with a lifetime warranty
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    EcoSmart’s self-modulating technology ensures quick and adequate hot water supply
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    You can set temperature in 1-degree increments with digital temperature control feature
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    Thermostat resets automatically
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    Provides 3GPM hot water
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    You can easily fulfil hot water supply of Jacuzzis and bath tubs that demand sufficient hot water at regular basis


  • It is expensive in comparison to the regular boiler heaters
  • The unit can’t store hot water and warms water when it reaches you which increases the likelihood of col sandwich effect
  • Installation can prove to be expensive due to additional wiring and electrical equipment requirement

Installation and Specifications

ECO24 components are made from stainless steel and copper. All of its components are durable and can be replaced easily. The unit is fairly easy to install and designed for providing endless hot water supply to medium sized families.  You will require three 40amp breakers in addition to the included 24KW 240V breakers. The unit comes with EcoSmart’s comprehensive user manual containing step-by-step instructions on installation. However, one aspect that you need to remember before installing is to evaluate the required wiring and electrical specifications. The unit performs efficiently if it is properly installed therefore we suggest that you hire a professional electrician to do the job. Before purchasing, you also must check out the temperature chart to verify which model will best suit your needs and will comply with outside weather.


Assembled Depth17"
Assembled Height18"
Assembled Width4"
Product Depth17"
Product Height18"
Product Width4"
Water Connection Size3/4 In. NPT
Amperage (amps)100
Electric Product TypeCommercial & Residential
Finish FamilyWhite
Flow Rate @ 35 F Rise (gallons/min)4.64 gal (US)/min
Flow Rate @ 45 F Rise (gallons/min)3.63 gal
Fuel TypeElectric
Maximum Temperature (F)140
Minimum Activation Rate (gpm)0.25
Minimum Temperature (F)80
Product Weight (lb.)14 lb
Residential/Commercial/industrial UseResidential, commercial or industrial
ModelEcosmart ECO 24
Water Connection LocationBottom
Water Heater FeaturesWall Mountable
Wattage (watts)24000

Common Problems

The only problem this unit has is the intricate and somewhat tricky installation and mounting procedure. You need to create two new holes at the lower end of the unit to accommodate the EMT connectors since the provided hole and wire clamp are pretty narrow. However, considering that the unit has been specially designed for extremely cold weathers and is appropriate for medium families makes it very feasible choice for indoor usage.


All in all, the product is unique in its technology. The EcoSmart ECO 24 is just another step towards smart water heaters after smartphones. With its innovative ways of heating water, the product is truly a masterpiece and is hard to resist. Although there are missing gaps, the tankless water heater technology is still in its infancy and this means it is still a better device than other heaters out there. The EcoSmart ECO 24 is not simply a water heater; it is something of luxury that you can show off with!! Finally, there is a water heater that is actually “cool”.

You can buy the EcoSmart ECO 24 on Amazon.

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