Rheem RTG-64DVLN Review


Rheem RTG-64DVLN is a reliable and affordable solution for fulfilling your indoor water heating demands in all sorts of weathers. This innovative unit offers continuous hot water supply and happens to be highly energy efficient and space saving. It is a Natural Gas powered heater that has specifically been designed to be used indoors and thus, it is suitable for small and large families alike. The unit comes with a UMC-117 remote control and the EZ-link cable can connect two tankless units and lets them operate as one. The unit is highly advanced and equipped with intelligent electronic controls that optimize its reliability and user-friendliness.  AHRI listed it as third party efficient and the unit also qualify for federal tax credit.

Some Key Features

  • It can be directly vented indoor
  • 4 GPM flow rate and the unit offer 35-Degree Rise
  • Unit comes with 10-Feet of thermostat wire
  • Eco-friendly low Nox Version
  • Energy efficiency rate is 82% due to stainless steel condensing heat exchanger
  • For ensuring easy servicing and installation the unit has a self-diagnostic system
  • Digital display gives full control over temperature settings and maintenance codes

The Pros & Cons of the Rheem RTG-64DVLN


  • It is highly energy efficient and uses just half the amount of natural gas that a regular tanked water heater may use
  • The unit can aptly maintain a constant hot water supply without wasting energy by reserving hot water unnecessarily
  • It has been designed in a way that it offer very low nitrogen oxide emissions, thus, the unit is highly eco-friendly
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    The heater optimizes usability of the heater with its easy-to-read water temperature meter display through which users can evaluate how hot the water is that is being used and how ti adjust it according to the demand
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    Unit gets installed quickly and easily


  • In some units few of the primary parts that are essential for operating the unit are absent
  • Although installation is easy and quick but the heater needs several parts and pieces that are to be purchased separately from a hardware store and thus, increases the unit’s overall cost
  • One of the most common defect that is found in almost all tankless heaters is present in this model as well, which is that it heats water on a per minute basis and this means water temperature fluctuations can occur giving the users “cold sandwich effect”

Installation and Specifications

The heater can be installed manually because it comes with a thorough step-by-step guide for users. You need to install this heater with 7.6-cm/12.7-cm or 3-in./5-in. diameter Rheem-approved concentric venting pipe or a UL-approved Category III Coaxial Stainless Steel appliance venting pipe. The unit needs 3x5inch concentric B-vent and vent cap that is fixed on the outer portion. The unit comes with water valves which helps the heater maintain hot and cold water release. The unit also contains 10ft thermostat wire, digital remote control, and a 120V power cord. It has a built-in electric blower and exclusive Guardian OFW (overheat film wrap) and it connects to Metal Fab Inc., venting without needing an adaptor.


Assembled Depth9-7/8"
Assembled Height25-5/8"
Assembled Width13-7/8"
Product Depth9-7/8"
Product Height25-5/8"
Product Width13-7/8"
Vent diameter3 by 5" Concentric
Water Connection Size3/4"
Finish FamilyWhite
Flow Rate @ 35 F Rise (gallons/min)6.4 gal (US)/min
Flow Rate @ 45 F Rise (gallons/min)5.6 gal
Fuel TypeGas
Gas Connection Size3/4"
Gas Product TypePoint of Use
Gas TypeNatural Gas
Maximum Temperature (F)140
Minimum Activation Rate (gpm)0.26/0.40
Minimum Temperature (F)85
Product Weight (lb.)54 lb
Residential/Commercial/industrial UseResidential or commercial
Total BTU150000.000
Water Connection LocationBottom
Water Heater FeaturesWall Mountable
Vent TypeIndoor Direct Vent

Common Problems

Missing parts is certainly one of the main problems that users can face and it also substantially affects the unit’s usability and affordability. However, since the drain is absent and the function is performed via vent therefore, the unit is very compact, advanced, and innovative and serves as an ideal heating solution for indoor usage.


There are several problems with this product, and the missing parts certainly put a damper on its usability, but that is not to say that the absence of these parts render the product unusable. The absence of the drain is made up for by the vent, and so this RTG model can still run fairly efficiently and can serve as an adequate water heating solution for your home, and certainly beats its tanked water heater competition, whilst being mostly on par with other tankless water heaters.

You can buy the Rheem RTG-64DVLN on Amazon.

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