Rheem RTGH-84DVLN Review


The Rheem RTGH-84DVLN is a top-notch water heating solution that runs on natural gas and provides unlimited hot water supply to your entire family. It is a simple to use heater that comes with a remote control panel for setting the output water temperature. You may also use it to display fault codes. With up and down arrow buttons you can change the default water temperature setting that is set on 110deg F to 120deg F. This heater comes with a stainless steel condensing heat exchanger and is 94% efficient. Rheem RTGH-84DVLN is an ENERGY STAR rated heater. Operating at 199,000BTUs, this is a high performance tankless water heater and the industry’s best offering for low .26 GPM min flow rate along with .40 GPM min activation flow rate. This Rheem heater contains a 2-pipe direct vent system, which connects up to 5ft of 2” PVC pipe or 35feet of 3” PVC pipe.

Some Key Features

  • Stainless steel condensing heat exchanger makes the heater 94% energy efficient
  • Increased efficiency and safety with Intelligent electronic controls
  • AHRI third party efficiency listed
  • 2-pipe direct vent system that connects up to 5-Feet of 2-Inch PVC Pipe or 38-Feet of 3-Inch PVC Pipe
  • Low Nox model
  • Installation and servicing made easy with self-diagnostic system
  • Temperature setting and maintenance codes easily viewable through digital display
  • Heater comes with a built-in electric blower
  • Equipped with Guardian overheat Film Wrap/OFW
  • To connect two tankless units the heater comes with an EZ link cable
  • -30deg F Freeze protection
  • 120V power cord included in indoor models

The Pros & Cons of the Rheem RTGH-84DVLN


  • The heater takes some time in heating water but when it does, the water gets very and stays hot, which is definitely a plus point
  • You may run a sink and one shower or 2 sinks with 2 showers and a dishwasher or three bath/showers, this heater will perform exceptionally well at all applications
  • The heater offers virtually silent operation and quickly delivers hot water
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    Installation is fairly straightforward and simple
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    Compact size of this heater is perfect for limited space
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    The heater exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements as it is 94% energy efficient and reduces regular energy bills to up to 30%
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    The heater gets activated without turning the water on high temperature
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    These are compatible with low flow fittings


  • Installation is tricky and it requires help of a professional to fit the heater
  • The heater takes lot of time in heating water as compared to other heaters
  • User manual could have been more detailed


The installation manual comes with the unit and can also be downloaded from Rheem website. The unit’s requirements include minimum NG pipe size with 3/4inches diameter. This means you will have to replace the original 1/2inches gas line that usually is compatible with tank type gas heaters.You need to mount it on the wall so that the vent pipes could directly go through the wall. To make the installation easier you may purchase the RTG20220 valve kit that comes with hot water pressure relief valve. For the inputs and exhausts you must use the 3inch PVC connections.


Rheem RTGH-84DVLN is a reasonably good option if you want to buy one heater that serves hot water demand of a large family or a home having three bedrooms. You can use it as an excellent solution for dishwashing, bathing and performing tasks that require hot water. Rheem is a reliable brand that is famous for state-of-the-art heating, cooling and water heating solutions for both domestic and commercial usages. Its products are of high quality always and the company maintains quality at every step that is, from raw material delivery to assembling of the final product. This is why you can rely upon RTGH-84DVLN and buy it without any hesitation.

You can buy the Rheem RTGH-84DVLN on Amazon.

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