Stiebel Eltron Tempra 20 Plus Review


Stiebel Eltron Tempra 20 Plus is a reliable option if you want to save on your electricity bills without compromising on the quality and efficiency of the water heater. Tempra Plus series is an upgraded version of the Tempra series and therefore, it offers many more exclusive features and technologically this new range is also very advanced. Tempra Plus range of tankless water heaters comes with heavy-duty parts, simple single-flow sensor design, Advanced Flow Control feature and a hinged cover for extra convenience. This indeed is the next-gen German tankless heater. In comparison to the gas-type models this electric tankless heater is a better choice because it is inexpensive, gets installed easily and doesn’t require venting. Through its Advanced Flow Control system, the heater automatically adjusts water temperature despite an increase in demand. This means, you can say bye to irritating fluctuations in water temperature.


  • Digital temperature control
  • Reliable and durable
  • Venting not needed
  • Small and compact design to suit any area size
  • Energy efficient heater that saves around 15 to 20 percent of your regular expenses in hot water portion
  • Advanced Flow Control helps in maintaining constant and even hot water supply regardless of the increasing demand

The Pros & Cons of the EcoSmart ECO 11


  • Tempra Plus 20 heater is perfect option specifically if there is hard water present because you can lower temperature for reducing scale creation
  • Compact, sleek and space saving design
  • Digital thermostat makes it easy for users to set desired temperature and check temperature
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    Advanced Flow Control regulates even hot water supply no matter if one shower is in use or a shower and a sink
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    Saves around 15 to 20% of your electricity bills
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    Easy to install heater and no need to vent
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    Since it doesn’t contain storage tank therefore you don’t have to drain and clean it every year


  • This heater is somewhat inefficient because sometimes temperature has to be turned up for acquiring the desired water level and even then water pressure remains low
  • Considering the 3/4 inches water line with 65lbs pressure it doesn’t offer sufficient water flow to take a satisfactory shower
  • When it is working, it is possible that other electrical appliances or connections such as bulbs stop working or start flickering
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    Extensive installation requirements make this heater an expensive choice plus you will need a to hire a professional electrician to properly install it

Installation and Specifications

The heater comes with a comprehensive installation guide, which can be used if installing it manually. However, we recommend that you hire a certified electrician to avoid any complications and damages. Tempra 20 needs 2x50amp 2pole breakers and the circuits will require 6 or 8 gauge copper wire. The heater comes with built-in mounting holes therefore mounting it on the wall won’t be a trouble for you at all.


Amperage (amps)80
Electric Product TypeCommercial & Residential
Finish FamilyGray
Minimum Temperature (F)86
Product Weight (lb.)15.4 lb
Water Connection LocationBottom
Wattage (watts)19200
Minimum Activation Rate (gpm)0.58
Maximum Temperature (F)140
Flow Rate @ 35 F Rise (gallons/min)3.75 gal (US)/min
Flow Rate @ 45 F Rise (gallons/min)2.91 gal (US)/min
Fuel TypeElectric
Product Depth (in.)4.625
Product Height (in.)14.5
Product Width (in.)16.625
Water Connection Size (in.)3/4” NPT

Common Problems

This tankless water heater offers plenty of hot water without any fluctuation and remains trouble free for years. However, we suggest that you perform a food grade vinegar flush for one hour all over the unit at least once a year so that any sort of calcium or scale build-up gets eliminated. This tip is very helpful if there is hard water present.


Tempra 20 is a relatively cheap and efficient tankless water heater that promises considerable reduction in your monthly electricity bills. You can easily run two showers simultaneously without any fear of cold water splashes because it comes with Advanced Flow Control technology. Go for it because this is a reliable water heater.

You can buy the Stiebel Eltron Tempra 20 Plus on Amazon.

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