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If you are the type of person who loves summertime or enjoys stargazing within the comfort of your own backyard, then chances are that at least six out of 12 months you cannot enjoy either activity. Apart from rain, snow or cloudy skies, half the year, the weather is just too cold to entertain guests in late hours of the night or to savor a quiet family dinner under the stars.

A patio heater could be the solution to your problems. Just as AC units can keep you cool during hot days, these devices can warm up your patio during the cold seasons. They can keep you comfortable without you having to wear extra clothing and ensure the party doesn’t have to stop just because the sun has set.

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When looking for a patio heater to make your outside feel just as comfortable as the inside of your house, there are a few features to consider. Before making a purchase, you should familiarize yourself with the types available. Here are some of the most important dots to cross as well as a list of patio heater models that we find useful for both residential and commercial use.

Mounting, Safety Features, and Ignition

Not everyone’s patio looks the same. Regardless of the layout, how remote it is or how cold the region is, you will want something installed at a specific angle or location. It’s a good thing that a patio heater is very versatile in terms of mobility and placement.

You can purchase models that can be mounted on the wall, kept under the table or are free standing. Some have wheel accessories that make them easy to relocate and store. There are, of course, designs that were made to stay put and connected to gas pipes, and these are usually either commercial ones or cheap residential options.

As with anything that heats up, you should check for auto shutdown features. If the product doesn’t have one, you should avoid buying it. Whether if it’s to protect from overheating or switch off if tipped, this automatic safety option is a must have. Some models can even cut off the fuel supply when slightly tilted, which is even better.

A gas fueled patio heater with a glass casing may look appealing but it can be dangerous if it is not cool to the touch. Accidental burning is not something you want to occur. Besides, a cool object is also easier to handle and to adjust settings on when necessary.

Features like the type of ignition matter less than the ones previously mentioned. A piezoelectric ignition system lets you start the heater at the push of a button but this does not mean that without it, it would be a hard task to accomplish.

One more thing you could consider when looking at a patio heater is what range of temperatures it can handle. You should settle on something that exceeds your regional weather requirements because it is safer to keep the settings below the maximum.

Power Sources

Historically, the most common power option is wood burning. Although dropping in popularity due to increased environmental awareness and people generally preferring to avoid smoke and ash, these fire pits are less widely available.

Generally, there are two types of gas outdoor heaters, including propane or butane-powered mushroom-head devices. These designs can offer more heat than a wood patio heater and require less maintenance. However, if you use a gas tank, you will have to change it every time it runs out.

The electric patio heater is considered an eco-friendlier solution to warming up your favorite outside relaxation spot. Although they typically convert 100% of the power into heat, producing no waste, the same can be said about most gas fueled outdoor heaters. These days, only fire pits still make smoke and ashes.

Recommended Products

Location is the first thing to think about before even considering a patio heater. If your winters are typically below zero, chances are even a maxed-out commercial model won’t make you feel comfortable enough. However, extending your summer for about three or four more months is definitely achievable.

Let’s go over some patio heater models that we have found to be cost effective, efficient as well as eye-pleasing. Whether shopping for a bar, restaurant or private garden, there’s no reason you shouldn’t go for something stylish too.

Best Patio Heater - Quick Summary Table

Heater Model


Fuel Type

Key features

Our Rating

Propane (Uses standard propane tank)

Height: 7 feet.

Output: 42,000 BTU

Other: Built in safety valve and wheels for portability


Propane (Uses standard propane tank)

Height: 8 1/2 feet.

Output: 48,000 BTU

Other: Lacks weight at the bottom, so less sturdy than other models.  Gas hog.


Propane (Uses standard propane tank)

Height: 7 1/2 feet.

Output: 46,000 BTU

Other: Included wheel assembly.  Somewhat difficult to put together the unit.  Good price.


Propane (Uses standard propane tank)

Height: 7 1/2 feet

Output: 38,000 BTU

Other: Includes wheels.  Push button ignition and convenient temperature control knob.  High grade materials for lasting durability.


Thermo Tiki Stainless Steel Floor-Standing Propane Patio Heater

Propane (Uses standard propane tank)

Height: 7 1/4 feet

Output: 41,000 BTU

Other: Despite the picture, there is only one unit included.  Does not heat as efficiently as some other models.


AZ Patio Tall Glass Tube Heater

Propane (Uses standard propane tank)

Height: 8 feet

Output: 40,000 BTU

Other: One of the larger units available causes it to take up space without producing more heat than smaller units.


Propane (Uses standard propane tank)

Height: 6 feet

Output: 36,000 BTU

Other: Extremely expensive.  It is definitely very high quality manufacturing and puts out a lot of heat despite the 36,000 BTU rating.  


Propane (Uses standard propane tank)

Height: 7 feet

Output: 60,000 BTU

Other: This heater is fired by wood pellets which produce almost no smoke.  Extremely efficient heater can warm a large area.  The pellets are available at most big box hardware stores.  Definitely a nicer feel than the propane heaters, but comes at a cost.


Belleze Patio heater - Pyramid with Dancing Flame

Belleze offers a pyramid glass tube version of a patio heater with its own dancing flame. When it comes to style, the finish and coating only go so far. Watching fire has been pleasing for thousands of years, so there’s no reason to deprive yourself of that feeling just because you don’t own a fire pit.

The 7-foot tall model is very easy to use and has all the safety features you need in an outdoor setting. It will turn off if tipped, although this design handles winds much better than regular mushroom-head models. You can turn it on and let the power of 42,000 BTUs keep you warm for up to 10 hours.

The 20lb propane tank is easily accessible and changeable. It also holds enough so you can enjoy using it for many cold nights. The 10-hour limit is a guideline as it refers to the maximum temperature. In most cases, such intense use will never be necessary because the patio heater can evenly distribute warmth for up to 15 feet, so you won’t need it unless you plan on sitting right at the edge.

Thermo Tiki deluxe propane outdoor patio heater

A pyramidal design with a dancing visible flame can work great in any modern setting. At 7.5 feet, this patio heater was built to entertain, provide heat, and last for a very long time. It can warm up an area of up to 15 feet, which makes it a good choice for both commercial and residential use.

Although it provides only 38,000 BTU, the ceramic column design and the reflector make sure that heat is distributed evenly and effectively. The temperature levels can be adjusted from a standard knob. It also features a safety feature that cuts off the fuel supply if it gets tipped over, and changing the tank is as easy as changing a battery.

A great mix of aluminum and high-quality steel, as well as protective coating, have been used to make sure this patio heater can do its job under the harshest of weather conditions. You don’t need to store it away during rain, snow or hot sunny days. A humidity protective coating has also been applied to the glass.

Amazonbasics havana bronze commercial patio heater

This 46,000 BTU propane-fueled model is designed for commercial use. Its height provides a good heat distribution of over 15 feet, and it is also slim enough to blend into any setting. The Havana-Bronze color makes it even more appealing as it looks different under direct sunlight.

Although this is a mushroom-head design, it is more stable than other models in this category. The basin can be weighed down with sand to further increase its stability. Interestingly enough, it is also equipped with wheels and can be moved around making it easy to store once the restaurant or food court closes for the night.

This patio heater is also very easy to operate. The piezo ignition system allows it to be turned on at the push of a single button. The knob for the temperature levels is located near the ignition so that everything you need is within reach.

The materials used are perfect for prolonged exposure to the elements. It has a non-corrosive coating as well as resistance to direct sunlight exposure. Heavy rain also has little negative impact, although it is not recommended to always leave the heather outside, just to test the extent of its durability.

AZ Patio heaters - Patio heater with quartz glass in hammered bronze

This 7.4-foot tall patio heater is encased in high-quality quartz glass and features a bronze base. Wheels are provided so you can place it wherever you like, and move it to a storage area when the weather gets warm. The 20lb tank can keep you warm for up to eight or nine hours when used on the highest setting.

The beauty of this propane fueled patio heater lies in its durability. The heavy base keeps it from tipping over in harsh wind conditions, and the glass is thick enough not to crack from constant intense heat. The bronze finishing can make it match almost any outdoor décor.

It can put out about 40,000 BTU which means you can easily warm up the patio area for a large dinner table. Although this is not an electrical model, you don’t have to worry about waste or fumes. The heating system is very fuel-efficient.


A big campfire can make camping trips fun and a fireplace can add a bit of style to any living room. Making a fire on your patio every night, however, is not such a great idea. For one, the smoke will eventually make you uncomfortable and secondly, you just don’t get the same level of warmth.

If you are looking to extend your home to the outdoors, choosing a patio heater is probably the best option. You can get good heat distribution for at least 10 feet all around the heat source, and the more BTUs it can handle, the more the heat wave will extend. Also, choosing a portable device means that you set it wherever you like.

If you want to keep customers on the terrace and keep sales going for a few more hours into the night during cold seasons, then, some stylish mushroom-head designs can keep people warm while also blending with the décor. There are a variety of options for specific scenarios and plenty of models that can work in any environment.